Let’s Build A Better Tomorrow, Together


Let’s Build A Better Tomorrow, Together

A New Vision for District 78

As a lifelong resident of Randolph County, Erik knows that for too long people in the 78th District haven’t had a voice in Raleigh. Working families have been left behind, teachers are underpaid and overworked, and hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians go without critical healthcare access.

Erik is stepping up to bring a new vision to District 78 and Randolph and Moore counties. It’s time that we stop worrying about partisan politics and actually focus on the issues that matter to regular people. When in the legislature, Erik will stand up for our public schools, fight to expand Medicaid access, and ensure that people are paid a fair and livable wage.

Thanks for being with us and supporting this campaign! — Erik

Erik on the Issues

Erik Davis is running to bring a new perspective to Raleigh.

Enhancing Education

We can attract world-class teachers & invest in our future by bringing back masters pay and funding teachers’ aides so that our educators can be more effective.

Expanding Medicaid

We already pay for Medicaid expansion whether we accept it or not — let’s keep NC tax dollars in NC & make healthcare more affordable in the process.

Affordable Broadband

Far too much of our state is left with inadequate internet access. I’ll support current efforts to expand access to high-speed, affordable internet in NC.






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